Landing your desired job is a game of two halves. You have got over the first hurdle, being selected by us as a possible match with the client, now for the most difficult part; the interview. 

It’s often seen as a rather daunting prospect but the secret of achieving success in any interview is a game plan that will get you on the right track to winning that dream role.

There are the general rules that we all have etched on our minds like not turning up late and making sure you give a firm confident handshake. Then there are specific approaches that are suited to the marketing and creative jobs you’re after.  Let’s run through them.


Be yourself

Experience and qualifications count for a lot but the interview is very much a process of finding out what sort of personality you have. You could be an analytical industrious sort who prefers to work on their own, or a strident leader with forthright views. Companies need to find out how you might slot in to their existing team make-up and the best way to achieve that is through simply chatting to you. Let your personality and warmth shine through. Remember they are looking for someone who is individual and unique, and great to get along with, so be yourself.    


Demonstrate passion

We often think of interviews as a sort of test. Remember you aren’t going to be grilled for information like a police interrogation. You need to have all the facts at hand on your experience but don’t neglect your thinking behind projects and show how passionate you are.


Match your skills to the role

Take another look at the job spec and pick out the skills needed for the job. Now list how your personal attributes and experience match those, drawing upon specific projects and your personal input.


Share your success stories

Wherever you can, get across all the successes you’ve had in your recent work history. These can be project pitch wins, impressive hit or response rates, increased business and awards.


Research the company

Be eager to ask pertinent questions about the company. After all, the job interview is a two way process of matchmaking you and the prospective employer.  This will show how passionate you are in working for them above any others.


Keep your nerves in check

It’s natural to be a little bit nervous. After all, you have an important goal in sight. However, interviews tend to more informal than they used to be and the interviewer will be eager to put you at ease to see what you can offer them. Chances are with a big decision in their hands, they will feel a little anxious too. And think what’s the worst that could happen? The answer is nothing terrifying in reality to get seriously worked up over.

And that’s mostly all there is to it. It’s over to you now. But remember you are not alone. At Create Recruitment we will guide every step of the way from giving you all the information you need on each position through to promoting your skills in your application and at interviews.