Why hire a specialist recruitment agency?

Need to fill a job? Where’s the first place you go? The internet? It’s certainly very convenient. Job boards and social media make it quick and easy to post jobs that will get seen by a big audience. But how well targeted is this approach? You could strike lucky or you could end up with a large number of unsuitable applicants and a just a few ‘maybes’ who barely match to the job spec.

There is still a real need for specialised recruiters. They take the guesswork out of the whole recruiting process and are able to pre-select and match companies with the talent they’re after. In fact, the industry is growing year on year as the job market gets more competitive and the best talent gets harder to track down.

So what do recruitment agencies have going for them?


1. Industry specialists

The biggest advantage to hiring specialised recruiters are their close ties to the industry. They have their eyes and ears close to ground on the latest comings and goings plus any emerging trends.

They have a clear view of the talent pool that’s out there and can draw upon it whenever needed. The best recruiters have worked in the industry, so are well aware of any challenges facing those embarking on a new career or climbing up the ladder. They have been there and therefore can provide an empathetic approach to engage well with potential job seekers and coax their interest.

Coupled with that, specialised recruiters have a realistic overview on job requirements and salary expectations, company structures, client relationships, and the culture of working within various companies, from big through-the- line marketing agencies to small design firms. This proves indispensable when drumming up interest in a position through job advertisements and for smoothing the efficiency and improving the efficacy of the whole selection process.


2. Networking power

Not all candidates are fully engaged in the job hunting process. They may be open to the possibility of a new job but are not frequenting online job boards or magazine adverts, so therefore may remain undetected. This is where a relationship with an industry specialist works well, in utilising their contacts to reach the best candidates armed with the skills and experience you need. Your own HR department may not have the inside ‘networking’ capabilities that a specialist recruiter has in knowing where the best talent are and the best ways to attract them.


3. Time and money savers

When advertising to attract talent you have to play the numbers game, maximising your reach to maximise your opportunities of getting the perfect person for the job. You could end up with a big pile of applications and be forced to spend a lot of your time sifting through them, matching them with your specific job requirements before drawing up a shortlist of possible interviewees.

‘Is this an effective use of your time?’ is the question. The advantage of using a recruitment agency is that it will sort through applicants and preselect those that tick all the right boxes and are matched for interviewing.

Whether you are looking to fill a short term or long term position, a recruiter’s in-depth skills and experience can help manage your recruitment time and budget wisely and attract the sorts of highly prized talent you might otherwise miss.