Milk alternatives for the perfect dairy free cuppa



For most of us, the working day is not complete without a good ol cuppa. With the rise in popularity for dairy alternatives we set out to try some out for ourselves. Our mission, to find one single dairy alternative that can be used to make a really, really, really good cup of tea and coffee.


What alternative milks are available?

There are loads; Soy Milk, Rice Milk, Oat Milk, Coconut Milk, Almond Milk, Hazelnut Milk, Cashew Milk and Hemp Milk with new ones popping up all of the time. The huge array of choice makes it a difficult one to choose. It turns out you can make milk from most things, cue spinach milk! Errgh no, well not yet at least.


Nut Milks

Ok so remember, we’re basing this on use for tea and coffee. It’s all about mix-ability and taste. We tried several nut milks and none of them tasted good. The nut milks mixed fairly well, with not a great deal of separation (depending on the brand). But to cut to the chase, they tasted awful. We very quickly ruled them out. They are definitely ‘nut’ going to win top spot on this one. 


Coconut Milk

Do we class this as a nut milk? (Insert thinking emoji here). Either way, it didn’t mix particularly well, and unless you like coconut flavoured Tea and Coffee, this one gets bumped off the menu also. 


Hemp Milk

‘Hemp! Milk! A milk made from HEMP!’ Yes, that was our initial thought too! But, it actually tasted pretty good. It turns out its made from hemp seeds and not the leaves which we originally thought. So we were pleasantly surprised by the taste, but how does it fare in tea and coffee. It mixed well and tasted ok-ish, it has a mild and earthy taste. Whilst hemp milk would work, it’s not wowing us. 


Longlife Soy and straight to fridge Soy milks.

The longlife stuff is usually found in the supermarket aisles with all the dairy UHT milks and has a long shelf life. The idea of being able to stock up on UHT dairy alternatives is pretty good, especially if you have a large team. But, and its a BIG but, they separate, resulting in tea and coffee looking like an unappealing curdled disaster. This is a shame because the taste is good. There is a solution, leave in the tea spoon and ask your colleagues and clients to keep stirring whilst they enjoy their brew….. hmmm perhaps not. There is a real solution, straight to fridge Soy milks. They taste good, really good in fact, offering a slightly creamy subtle flavour. They mix well and do not separate, winner winner tofu dinner! But wait, before we start fist bumping, we still have oat milk in the running.


Longlife Oat and straight to fridge Oat milks.

Longlife Oat milk created the same disaster brew as Longlife Soy milk, in fact it separated more, making your tea and coffee look merky and unappealing. Again, much like the Soy milk the straight to fridge Oat milk options were fantastic. In particular Oat milk in coffee made for a creamy mocha, that looks and tastes great.


Oat or Soy milk, and which brands are best?

This is a really tough call. If we had to choose between Oat and Soy milk it would be Oat, but this only wins by a fraction, no wait we choose Soy, Oat, Soy… can we choose both?! What the hey, this is our study, it has to be a tie. Of all the brands, including the supermarkets own, we found that ‘unsweetened’ Alpro Soy milk and Oatly whole milk were by far the best. Alpro has subtle and mild creamy taste, perhaps more suited to tea. Oatly is very creamy, froths up well and tastes amazing in coffee and tea.

So we didnt give you a definitive answer to which one type of dairy alternative milk is best for tea and coffee. But we have given you a choice of two. From here it all depends on your own personal preference. Thanks for reading, go and enjoy a brew.


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